New Music: LEHNBERG – Morgondröm

  • New Music: LEHNBERG - Morgondröm

Morgondröm is the title track from LEHNBERG’s new album, which is out this week. The track slowly unwinds itself from its own musical centre and wraps itself around the listener, cocooning them in what could best be described as a kind of Industrial ambience. David Lehnberg creates layers of minimal movement in sound, a sense of undulating dronelike intensity that conversely can give the listener a sense of warmth. Listen to it below.

At the heart of Morgondröm is an experimental core, pushing the boundaries of what a song is and can be, but LEHNBERG explores the outer reaches of electronica with a sensitivity that takes the listener along with it.

Whilst very different from his work with The Deer Tracks, Morgondröm shares that project’s mix of accessibility and the almost avant garde.

You can find out more about on his website, which also has information about a cassette release for the Morgondröm album, via Lamour Records.

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