New Music: LIEZA – Eyeliner

Having been song-writing for years, Nashville-based artist Meghan Roner – aka LIEZA – says she has finally found her personal sound, and she perfectly showcases it her on current release Eyeliner – a track that invites comparisons with artists as diverse as Pink and Lana Del Rey for its combination of raw and empowering lyrics, seductive sound and assertive femininity.

Oozing lyrical honesty and raw emotion, Eyeliner comes straight from the heart. Speaking of the subject matter of the song, LIEZA explains: “… Eyeliner is that anthem that you sing to yourself in the mirror when you’ve had a bad day and you’ve forgotten what makes you unique, what makes you strong… Put on your ‘eyeliner’, whatever armour that may be for you, and then go out and take on the world…”.

Eyeliner is out now via Nashville independent label ThisisLV and the track is also streaming on Spotify. whilst you can find out more about LIEZA via her Instagram and Twitter feeds.

By |October 3rd, 2017|

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