Limón Limón is a Los Angeles-based duo comprising Jason (vocals, guitar, and bass) and Rand (keys, synths, and drums). They say they’re inspired by classic American west coast music – check out Frozen Lemonade to find out what that sounds like.

Similar in mood to bands like Empire of the Sun and Passion Pit, Frozen Lemonade sounds like it was born of warm, yet slightly melancholic memories of summer days long gone. Shades of Fleetwood Mac in their 70’s prime echo through the melody, which, along with a chilled vocal performance and warm synth tones, gives the song a soothing, yet sad sound.

Frozen Lemonade is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify. Why not check out Limón Limón over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where you can keep up with news about new music from the duo?