Internationally renowned, Tel Aviv based Lola Marsh are vocalist Gil Landau and multi-instrumentalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and on recent release Echoes they create a slice of Phil Spector meets shimmering garage rock perfection.

The stunning vocals sweep from ingénue to femme fatale in a heartbeat, like a restless lover on a hot summer’s night. The lyrics and arrangement paint a picture that would leave Lynch and Tarantino green with envy, as evocative as they are erotic. Reverb on the guitars and lashings of melodrama join Landau on a Cinemascope-era centre-stage, even without watching the 60s/70s video the song and it’s cinematic sensuality is a pure, unfettered pleasure.

Lola Marsh’s Echoes is out now on Anova Music with information on how to stream and download the song available here. To explore the music of Lola Marsh, find out more about them, the song and upcoming gigs including dates in London and at Germany’s About You Pangea festival, be sure to check out the duo’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.