With her debut EP scheduled to release in Spring 2020, German singer/producer LORENS made a positive impression on us with her third single, Never Get Better. Have a listen below and then read on to find out why.

It’s a real slow burner of a song; Never Get Better makes a strong impact on first listen yet manages to ratchet up its emotional effect with each listen. Initially, the organic electro tones and earnest vocals create a late-night / early-morning club ambiance. Dip deeper into the lyrics and arrangement, and you hear much more. Dark emotions and backing vocals with a hint of violence become more noticeable, the ’Never Get Better’ refrain taking on other, more ambiguous meanings.

LORENS’ Never Get Better can be streamed on other digital platforms too – click here to find out more. For background on LORENS and news on her soon to be released EP, you can catch up with the singer on her socials: Facebook and Instagram.