New Music: Lost Ark – The Warlock (Cooke Q’s Dragonsteeth & Mousetail edit)

  • New Music: Lost Ark - The Warlock (Cooke Q's Dragonsteeth & Mousetail edit)

From time to time we like to delve into the realms of interesting, somewhat different music here at AnalogueTrash and invariably when we do, we discover some real gems. Lost Ark are one such gem, and their 10 minute opus The Warlock is a track that really grabs then holds your attention.

The band say this about this unique track:

“The Warlock EP is the first extension of the Flight from Erebus album which was released earlier this year. The album follows a concept of an imagined descent (and eventual escape) from the underworld. The Warlock track is essentially about that feeling I would say most people have in their life at some point, where it feels like external forces are at work trying to constantly undermine, trick and pull you under. I imagined this figure to be a warlock, desperately trying to free himself from entrapment by bringing someone else down in his place. He’s sort of a bad luck character.”

Check out the track, then give the whole EP your attention. Take a chance – see where The Warlock takes you.

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