New Music: Lostchild – Blacklist

  • New Music: Lostchild - Blacklist

Lostchild is a British singer-songwriter and producer who says music helped him through his adolescent and teenage years when he was feeling lost, lonely and unable to connect with those around him. Add in a very evident love of 80s pop as well, as you can hear on his new single Blacklist, and you get something very special indeed.

Part-confessional and part-love song, or more accurately a paean to a love lost, Blacklist carries many of the features of a classic pop hit. A light and airy arrangement channels early Madonna and a bit of CHVRCHES at their most poppy, in a way that is sure to get you on the dancefloor.

Lyrically and vocally it’s more personal and honest, as Lostchild begs for one more chance to be good. Or maybe naughty?  Blacklist makes no great claims to high art, but its charm lies in the way it takes on the electropop format and makes it sound exciting and new.

Blacklist is out now and comes from the EP of the same name which is streaming on Spotify. It’s also available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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