New Music: Lucaléy – Fire Under Ice

Bo Karlsson and Ea Philippa Tange make up Copenhagen based electronica duo Lucaléy. They made quite an impression with their first single and video Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts which was the Official Theme Song for Copenhagen Pride in 2014. The band have continued to release quality electropop following up recent single China with another winner, Fire Under Ice.

Fire Under Ice is intelligent synthpop at its finest. Eschewing the desire to go straight for more obvious sounds and rhythms, it’s irregular beat and waves of warm synth sounds envelop the listener as the weighty lyrics engage the mind as the music engages the soul.

The song manages to combine the supreme pop stylings of artists like Frida Sundemo with the more left field, edgy sounds of Ionnalee, serving up a track that is both accessible and arty – fitting for a band that cite Bjork, David Bowie, Kate Bush and Radiohead as major influences.

Fire Under Ice is out now, and you can find out more about the band via their official website.

Photo by Rune Buschmann

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