Hot on the heels of Perfectly Untrue, Scotland’s Lucia & the Best Boys treat us to another song from their album The State Of Things. Watch the video for Forever Forget below.

The band, who tour with Dream Wife in April and May next year, allows Lucia Fairfull’s vocals to take centre stage on this track. A powerful performance channels the pain and regret of the lyrics and brings them to life – heartache dripping from every word she utters. The song itself has a timeless sound, though it seems to display a welcome love for the classic 80s rock of Fleetwood Mac and Heart.

Speaking about the song, front-woman Lucia Fairfull divulged, “Forever Forget was the second song I wrote on the EP. I had gone away to write this EP to get everything I had to say out of my head, then to go home and draw a line under the way I was feeling as I realised I was dragging myself into the depths of hell a bit! Forever Forget is about the painful and constant reminder you have of how things used to be, and all the ‘What if’s. It speaks similarly to Let Go about how it is okay to leave things behind and move forward.”

You can catch up with Lucia & The Best Boys over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The State Of Things is out now on Sweet Jane Recordings and can also be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and other outlets – click here for more information.