In early February we featured City of Angels by Scottish rockers Lucia & The Best Boys. They’re back on the blog, but showing a more reflective side on new song Let Go.

The song brings out a different side, not only to the band’s sound, but also Lucia’s vocals. The raw tones of their songs is swapped for a more glossy and reflective style, for one. Here, the band create a song that is more stadium anthem than ballroom blitz, with an emotional openness that showcases their talents as songwriters and musicians.

Lucia says this about the track, “I have always enjoyed writing songs that are clear and to the point, but I think Let Go is the most honest and true I have ever been in a song. Last year I had a tough time trying to put my thoughts into comprehensible words, because I was emotionally confused and sometimes lost. This led me to try things out, like writing on a piano, which I never really do as I’ve always started writing songs on a guitar. Somehow this allowed these words to spill out of me whilst sitting at a piano, after a very long and frustrating time of finding what I wanted to say.”

You can catch up with Lucia & The Best Boys over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let Go is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on Spotify and Amazon Music, among other sites – click here for more information.

Photo by Ronan Park