New Music: Magnea – 700

Magnea is a Finnish-Icelandic singer currently living in the experimental and musical hothouse that is modern Berlin. She says her music is inspired by thinking outside the box, as well as a sense of romantic melancholy. You can pick that up after just one listen to her current Maral Salmassi produced single 700.

A tight, almost whiplash snare and a deep, brooding bass underpin the track, creating an ambiance of emotional dysfunction and sensual claustrophobia.

Like the video (directed by Kirstan V Jam) it shows no fear in displaying physical and emotional scars, but marries this to pop hooks and a vocal performance that reaches the purest level of emotional intensity; something very fitting in a song that the band says is about ‘a couple in a twisted relationship, in an endless spiral of abuse and self-harm.’

700 is out now and comes from the EP of the same name, which you can stream on Soundcloud, Spotify and can also be found on Beatport via Television Rocks.

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