New Music: MAKEMAKE – I’m The Form In The Way

MAKEMAKE  the new solo project from avant-pop producer Brendan Williams (GoGo Penguin, Dutch Uncles, Kiran Leonard). He has recently unveiled a new track I’m The Form In The Way.  It’s a taster for his upcoming album and the track features Everything Everything’s Michael Spearman on drums, Robin Richards of Dutch Uncles on bass and long-term collaborator Amalie Briden contributing vocals.

The track has a recognisable Manchester sound, but whereas so many local bands presently go for swagger without substance, I’m The Form In The Way has a cerebral side to it, with angular rhythms, strident drums and Briden’s vocals creating an ambience that has more in common with the accessible art rock of Porcupine Tree or Talk Talk than the empty bravado of Oasis.

Speaking about the forthcoming album Williams explains, “I’ve been making this record between the cracks whilst producing other bands over the last few years. The people I was recording began to influence my own music as we shared ideas, so I guess it was natural that some of them would become collaborators. The individual tracks started out purely as an escape, I wasn’t making them for anyone apart from me. There’s been no constraints really, I’ve not had to think about budgets or deadlines.”

I’m The Form In The Way is out now, you can find out more about it Williams’ other work over at Low Four – home of his label, recording studio and more.

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