New Music: MÂNĪ – Black Holes

With a background in jazz and rock, Iranian-German producer MÂNĪ brings different influences on the table when compared to most dance oriented acts, with his music having an emphasis on structure and complexity as much as melody. You can hear this on his latest track Black Holes, which also features vocalist Maha Taheri.

With an air of art and exoticism created by Taheri’s mournful but at times euphoric vocals, Black Holes is not your normal dance track. It utilises some of the percussive elements for sure, but there’s more attention paid to the lyrics – their meaning and how they sound, that you’d get on the average club hit.

It’s electronica for thinking people, with new layers and depths evident on every listen.

Black Holes is out now, streaming on Spotify and is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. The track will feature on MÂNĪ’s upcoming VIER EP which is due out in early 2018 – keep an eye on his official website for more news and details on upcoming tour dates.

Photos by Nico Kleemann

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