“This old thing” is a phrase that carries many layers and meanings, as we all know – sometimes to our cost! This Old Thing is also the name of the new single by California’s Margot Polo, which you can listen to below on Soundcloud.

The song shows a different side to Polo’s sound, when compared to Electric Girl, which we covered late last year. The opening has a very gentle, introspective quality which provides the foundation for the song, even as the tempo and vocals gradually build. Its autumnal tones reflect the changes of life, a sense of things passing, as the lyrics bring to mind memories or renewal and holding onto the past, even as just like the seasons, events have their own momentum.

He says about This Old Thing, “This song is a shift for me stylistically. In this track, I reconnect with my indie and emo roots, back when I played in Bay Area bands in the early 2000s. The lyrics are about resurrection, trying on the verge of loss to save something precious: a relationship, a dream, or faith.”

You can also listen to This Old Thing by Margot Polo, on Bandcamp and Spotify. News about the song, as well as details on upcoming releases and Polo’s back catalogue, can be found on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter socials.