Canadian artist Marie-Clo is currently releasing a stretch of releases leading up to her debut full length, Shell(e), which is due out in 2021. To get a taste of what’s to come, listen to Trophy Wife below.

The song is a curious but very pleasing hybrid of sounds and emotions. Shoegaze and dreampop are upfront in the track’s influences and arrangement, and, at times Marie-Clo’s vocals. But there’s a darkness that lurks in the lyrics and flow of the song, a sense that things can change suddenly – and they do. The quick tonal shifts, swerving from comfort into uncertainty, but with a real air of confidence, are a fitting way to communicate the uncomfortable (for some) message behind the lyrics.

The song reflects, she says, on a “Voiceless, nameless time as a hockey wife. As a feminist, she witnessed and lived first-hand objectification, double standards, emotional abuse and unsettling normalcy around sexist behaviors within the industry her partner thrived in. Unfaithfulness was simply the unoriginal cherry on top of a patriarchal sundae.”

Trophy Wife is out now and can also be streamed on Bandcamp and Spotify. Head over to her Facebook or Instagram accounts to discover more about Marie-Clo and her music, as well as finding details about other streaming options.