We covered New Hampshire’s Marsupial Lion back in June with their track Here’s Wishing! They return with a timely song, in the form of The Shoehorn King, which you can listen to below.

The song utilises a similar musical palette to the Juvenilia album from earlier this year. That means you still get echoes of Pet Shop Boys and Empire of the Sun, but there’s an added summery flavour here. A Steely Dan sound comes through at times, and the spirit of Tame Impala as well. It’s a lush take on indie-electro meets psychedelia, glossy but very pointed.

Says Marsupial Lion’s Travis Jonathan, “The Shoehorn King is the kind of song you can only write while watching your president perform dictatorial balcony choreography, contagious with the virus against which he failed to protect your country with more than the faintest semblance of leadership, while you sit at home, largely powerless, fretting for your citizenry, your democracy, and your planet. My sincere wish is that in short order, this song’s content feels staler than a dry baguette on a Death Valley summer holiday.”

Marsupial Lion’s The Shoehorn King is out now to stream or download on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to check out the band on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for details about the song and upcoming releases.