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Martin Christie is a musician, artist and creator of various happenings including the electronic music open mic tour and Northern Beat Poets Association. A tireless campaigner against musical mediocrity and obviousness, seeking to lift the proverbial stone and look beneath for unique music, original minds and movements that continue to be overlooked by the mainstream. He is an optimistic believer in the power of music and art to make a difference to individuals and communities.

He is always searching for artists to review as part of his music travels, and has a particular interest in those who are creating because it is hard wired into their DNA, the talented yet ignored, the brilliant yet completely unaware of their abilities. His column for AT also exists to discuss technology based influences on modern music making and diverse ways of producing music.

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Martin Christie’s Music Travels: TOOM

Influenced by film and game music the appropriately named TOOM is the solo music project of Manchester based Tom Woolnough.  With a forthcoming EP release and lots of new music in the pipeline, I decided to find out more about TOOM’s dark and unique music from the man himself.

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