Megg Rorison and Ruben Elbrond-Palmer are maskenfreiheit, a project they describe as ‘ever-evolving musical partnership’ – something very much on display on the successful genre-busting of 5am.

The band’s name might lead you to expect something dark and electronic, even Industrial in nature, but 5am is far from that. It takes liberally from shoegaze and trip-hop but manages to find the common ground in such disparate genres and makes the result seem natural.

Guitars wind their way over the dub-style bass line as the vocals exist in some hitherto unknown territory between folk and post-punk. The combination of such diverse elements shouldn’t work, but it does and it’s one that bears up to repeated listens.

5am is out now, streaming Bandcamp and Spotify.  Follow the duo on their social media outlets including Facebook and Instagram to find out more about the band