The experienced musicians behind Maven Grace (Mary Douglas-Home, Henry Jack, and Tom White) have come to the attention of luminaries such as Bryan Ferry and Goldfrapp in recent years. In fact, their last single was even remixed by Will Gregory of Goldfrapp fame! When you hear Blood Red Moon, you’ll hear why they were smitten with the band’s sound.

The song has its roots in shoegaze and dreampop, but Maven Grace take those genres in a very unexpected direction. The crystal-clear, soft tones to the vocals carry an otherworldly quality, for one, while, the balance of lush orchestration and an indie-infused rhythm section give it a very grounded but similarly reassuring feel. If you like Still Corners and ViVii, you’ll find a lot here to interest you.

The band says Blood Red Moon “is a love song acknowledging that just because something is impossible, it doesn’t stop you yearning for it. Love can be as disorientating as a visitation from another planet. In a way, the song is about that fantasy we all have once in a while. What if we were able to live a completely parallel life, and the choices that are impossible, this world could suddenly become real in another world? The song plays on the tension between reality and fantasy when it comes to matters of the heart,” explains singer Mary Douglas-Home.

Blood Red Moon is out now and available to stream or download on all major digital platforms – click here to find out more.  Maven Grace’s debut album is set for release later this year, keep an eye on their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter socials for more information on that.