New Music: Me Not You – Eventually

  • New Music: Me Not You - Eventually

New York duo Me Not You (aka  Eric and  Nikki) have packed a lot in to the first year or so since the band’s inception – releases, gigs and more under the belt and an increasing media profile for their mellow alt.electronic sound. It’s something that’s sure to continue with their new track Eventually.

A low key bassy synth opens the track as if whispering to get your attention, minimal percussion gliding in before Nikki’s vocals and acoustic guitar softly take the listener by the hand and lead them on a sonically chilled, but emotionally charged journey.

It’s short and sweet, as if it’s a musical bookending to a phase in someone’s life; a short period of reflection before moving on.

As regards to the inspiration for the lyrics, they say: ‘We wrote Eventually almost a year ago, right when we started the band, and kept it in our back pocket until we felt the time was right. Now that we’re prepping our next EP Reckoning 2, it felt like it has its proper home. it’s a personal song for me… a sort of hyping up of myself to the idea of squashing the beef with someone. the baggage of relationships can linger, and it does no one any good to keep that shit around.’

Eventually is out now, and along with the previous single Everafter, their short but impressive back catalogue can be streamed on Spotify with a new EP on the way.

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