New Music: Me Not You – Stranger

  • New Music: Me Not You - Stranger

With its neo-gothic undertones and grungy, electronic sheen; Stranger from New York band Me Not You straddles multiple genres with considerable and delicious flair.

With vocals that invite comparisons to the iconic Karen O, the track sets itself up to meet a high, demanding musical standard and meets it with ease.

Stranger has a languid, self-assured air, as it winds its way through some EBM influenced rumbling synth lines before the guitars kick in to give the song some scuzzy rock glamour.

Coming off like a darker, more textured incarnation of The Birthday Massacre at times, that ambience creates a feeling of ‘anti-anthem’ to the song, with its emotive lyrics sure to hit home with those that ever had to reluctantly move, even if it was onto to something better.

Stranger is out now and is also available to stream on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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