With a new album scheduled for release this October, Memoria (the solo darkwave/postpunk project of Tess de la Cour) has made a bold statement of intent with the disorienting sombreness of new release, Black Coats / Whitefear.

A cover of the cult classic originally performed by Tennessee’s Lost Sounds, Memoria’s take on the track retains a lot of the track’s intensity and rawness. The female vocals give the lyrics a more reflective and emotional quality, retaining the brash anger but placing them in a bleaker electronic setting.

There are many bands creating great music in the still fertile meeting grounds between synthpop, goth and dark electronica right now, but Memoria have brought something fresh to that fusion and with a classic song to boot, which really whets the appetite for their own upcoming sounds.

Also available on Spotify and Bandcamp, Black Coats / Whitefear is out now Swedish label Novoton. You can find out about new music and more from Memoria on Facebook.