Introducing: Memoryy

  • Introducing: Memoryy

Memoryy is the electro-pop project of American producer Shaun Hettinger. On top of gaining increasing media exposure for his own releases as Memoryy, he has also gained attention for writing the Netflix Chelsea Handler theme song, as well as for his official remixes for acts like Body Language, Bridgit Mendler, King Deco, and Paperwhite. He has recently released his album Skeletons which can be streamed on Spotify and is available on all major digital stores. We caught up with Shaun for a chat.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s the story behind Memoryy and how would you describe your sound?

I’ve been playing in bands & writing pop music for 15 years. Memoryy is the latest incarnation of that. I’d call it 80’s rooted Synth-Pop hooks with modern Electro-Pop flourishes… but if that’s too fancy, “Indie Pop” works too.

What motivates you and inspires your music, aesthetic and vibe?

For me, it’s all about the hook. I miss the big Pop choruses of my childhood & think everything on the radio is starting to sound the same. So my MO is to write a melody that inadvertently digs it’s hooks deep inside your brain while you’re busy dancing with the girl  of your dreams in the Paula Abdul t-shirt.

You’ve worked for others on projects like remixes and theme tunes. Are there any differences between that work and creating music for Memoryy?

I think the remixes & my netflix Chelsea Handler theme are a glimpse into what my next album will be. This album (SKELETONS) was already in production for a year before really refining my chops with all the remixes I started churning out in the last year.

Recently you moved base from Brooklyn to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brooklyn has a large electronic music scene, is there anything similar in your new home town? How are you finding the change in location?

I’ve just entered “Dad phase” & couldn’t fathom pushing a stroller onto the NYC subways and back. No thanks! Albuquerque is certainly no Brooklyn, but I’m surprisingly impressed by the music scene here & in Santa Fe. Reighnbeau is one of my fave local finds — glitchy, textural, artsy Electro-Pop straight from ABQ.

Could you tell us about your new album, Skeletons? I’ve listened to it a few times now and I’m loving it. And (Don’t Fear) The Reaper is an amazing take on a classic song!

Thanks man! Skeletons began with rediscovering a bunch of old demos before my move across the country. I wanted to self-produce the next album by collaborating one last time with some Brooklyn friends (Brothertiger, my old band The Golden Pony, Yeasayer-producer Abe Seiferth, Brain Tan). I’ve never fancied myself a great editor & for once I forced myself to re-write / re-work / refine these old demos over & over. “NOT OVER YOU” is a song that’s existed (in some form or another) for 8-10 years, and “(DON’T FEAR) THE REAPER” is an unreleased cover I did 5-6 years ago after listening to too much Washed Out and Crystal Castles.

What’s up next for Memoryy? Any upcoming gigs, is there new music on the horizon, other projects?

I’ll most likely be dropping a Remix EP — artists like Body Language & Reighnbeau remixing songs from this album. And just continue to write for TV / Film (via my company KEYTARRED AND FEATHERED). Hoping to find new artists to collab with, produce for & remix… And I know I’ve got another Memoryy album kicking around already, but right now I’m knee deep in dirty diapers & sleepless nights. Thank god for coffee!

Cover photo by Aron Hethcox.

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