New Music: Michael Oakley – California (feat. Missing Words)

Glasgow’s Michael Oakley has teamed up with California’s synthpop trio Missing Words on the aptly titled California. Following on from the popular and well-received Turn Back Time, it’s a track that oozes 80’s pop references without sounding retro.

It’s fair to say it takes its inspiration from the classier end of the decade with epic production, heartfelt vocals and some excellent guitar shredding perfectly balancing the very personal lyrics.

Why not check out the cool Brad A. Kinnan directed video below and sample the film soundtrack vibes of California below?

Musically and lyrically it offers up honesty and openness, and you can feel the love for the music shine through.

A series of personal events led to Oakley ending up in California and working with John Glenn Kunkel from The New Division – an occurrence which Oakley has described as a surreal event that hit home one day in the studio: “that was a really emotional moment for me because it was in that moment that I realized how far I had come in my journey, not just as a musician but that I had finally came out the other side of a really dark time in my life”.

He adds that the song and accompanying EP chart the changes in his life on the last year or so, something you can hear in every line.

The song is out now and  features on the six track EP of the same name, plus you can stream California on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

Photo by Brad A Kinnan

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