A Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and previous contestant on The Voice, Michelle Ray says she started her musical training at the age of ten. That might explain the poise and power of Chasing Shadows, which you can check out below.

If you like early Madonna, Kavinsky, and Kiesza circa Hideaway, you’ll find a lot to like here. It’s prime electropop with a hint of the 80s, filtered through a funked-up, French disco lens. Allied to reflective lyrical approach and a light but soulful vocal style, Chasing Shadows is catchy, full of emotion and fun to dance to.

On the single, Ray elaborates, “Chasing Shadows is about thinking you can see or feel this presence everywhere you go but you can never actually hold it, it’s not tangible, so is it real or just your imagination? Instagram-filtered memories and drive-in movie fantasies melt together as we imagine a love that could save us. An electric summer anthem that will shine a light when you’re dancing in the dark.”

Chasing Shadows can also be streamed on Deezer and Spotify. Head over to Michelle’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to discover other listening options and keep up to date with music.