Midnight Garden is Nick Donlin and Zach Vouga, an electronic duo based in San Diego, California. The duo has been writing together for over a decade, which might explain the fluid quality to For The Last Time.

Glittering, cosmic, and so very chilled, For The Last Time is possessed of an endearing calm and charm. Soft tones, harder beats, and hazy vocals conspire to create a mood that floats the listener away on a cloud of contemplation and contentment. It’s a perfect way to escape the worries of the day.

The song will feature on their album Blue Tomorrows, and they say it was inspired by a certain mood, “A feeling of actively moving on, like you’re in the middle of it. Things are coming together, and it feels good. A sense of hope.”

For The Last Time is out now to stream and download, including on Bandcamp. Be sure to check Midnight Garden out over on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where you can catch up the band and discover more about them and their music.

Blue Tomorrows will be released in vinyl format on the 12th of August via Earth Libraries.