With her new album I Bloom on the way, Mieko Shimizu has joined forces with singer William D Drake (The Cardiacs) and director Barry Gene Murphy on the stark but seductive Lazy Light.

It’s a brave choice to let the vocals carry so much of the emotion and melody, in fact most of the song itself. Even the minimal piano interludes serve onlyto  heighten the purity and beauty of the vocal performances.

A real sense of light and dark pervades the track, the occasional electronic passages providing a subtle and dissonant contrast to the organic, human heart of the song. Mieko Shimizu has also written music for contemporary dance companies, and that appreciation of the need to create and mirror the movement of the body and soul is ever-present in Lazy Light.

The song is out now on Spotify and iTunes via Street Furniture Records. For more background on the song, album and Shimizu herself, be sure to check her out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.