New Music: Minute Taker – The Weight Of It All

  • New Music: Minute Taker - The Weight Of It All

Manchester’s Ben McGarvey is better known as Minute Taker, and he’s been making a name for himself with his very individual take on folktronica. It echoes bands as diverse as Depeche Mode, Coldplay and Alt-J, fashioning music that manages to be both intimate in nature and epic in emotion, as you can hear on one of his latest tracks The Weight Of It All.

The Weight Of It All is taken from his most recent mini-album Reconstruction, which Minute Taker describes as “the search for new improved ways of rebuilding yourself when your world has been blown apart”. And you can get a real sense of that from The Weight Of It All, as the lyrics impart the notion of someone being deconstructed, then reconstructing the self.

There’s a firm impression also that McGarvey stripped his music down to the bones and refleshed it with layers of ethereal beauty and raw emotion as part of that process. The result is a track that smoulders with intensity and passion, and one that invites the listener to share in Minute Taker’s personal and musical journey.

The Weight Of It All is out now on CD and digital formats, you can check out some of the tracks over on Soundcloud. There’s be a Limited Edition 12 inch vinyl version to be released on 5th January 2018.  Minute Taker will be touring the UK next February, taking in dates in London, Brighton and Birmingham – you can find out more here.

Photo by John Grey.

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