New Music: Misty Mtn – Guess Who’s Back

  • New Music: Misty Mtn - Guess Who's Back

The sophomore single from Brooklyn-based pop duo Misty Mtn, the Ariel Loh co-produced Guess Who’s Back, is a welcome and promising taster for their upcoming EP.

Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall have created something very special, as the song takes an old school country vibe and transplants it into the urban arena.

Think Patsy Cline walking the streets of New York with an electric guitar in her hand and the blues in her heart, then you know where the vocals are taking you.

Marry that with a fusion of shoegaze, a subtle hint of 80s rock and some luscious pop hooks (Yeah I know!), and you can belt out the chorus as it’s mix of upbeat rhythms and down home lyrics leave you not caring whether you want to dance or cry.

The duo had this to say about the song: ‘We wrote Guess Who’s Back for anyone who’s ever walked past their exes’ house day after day and constantly wondered “what if?” For anyone who’s seen the person who ghosted them and wondered why they never called. For anyone who has had the constant reminders of a relationship, romantic or not and missed the good times. This is for you.’

Guess Who’s Back is out now, catch up with the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want know more about them and their uniquely enchanting sound.

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