Cory Allen Paulo and Taylor Stillwell are Modern Feelings, a duo that came about when Cory came across an Instagram video of Taylor singing. A meeting of minds as well as music, they aim to encourage ‘going within and finding yourself and letting go to the beat of positive music’. Have a listen to the power of positivity while opening your ears and heart to their recent single, Culture.

The nearest musical comparisons I come up with for Culture is the work of bands like Freezepop and Client. There’s a faux simplicity to the track, its lo fi aura built on a surprisingly funky bass line with hints of classic Chicago house breezing quickly in and out of range.

But where Client took a detached if not cynical view of the world and Freezepop revel at times in an icy beauty, on Culture, Modern Feelings take a relatable though slightly cerebral approach to their lyrics, making a pop song that you and sing or think along to.

The duo had this to say about the song: ‘Culture is an exploration of the youthful, perhaps naive, take on cultural divide. It is written from the perspective of a zealous character, eager to connect but not fully acknowledging how that impresses on those of different social preferences and societal circumstances.’

Culture is out now streaming on major digital outlets – check out their Instagram or Facebook pages to find out more.

Photo by Kira Conley.