New Music: Modesta – VHS

  • New Music: Modesta - VHS

Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos are Modesta, a Bostonian duo that blend 80’s retro synthpop sounds with a sultry take on indie RnB. The result is a sound that smooth, seductive and a bit melancholic – as you can hear on new track, VHS.

The video sums up the track well – with its nods to the past it evokes a yearning for security and warmth of times past. But the slowly unwinding nature of the song, the clever lyrical conceit around VHS tape, the underlying sense of loss that pervades the track and video give it a bittersweet edge.

Though the video features footage of the band, visual effects create an old school and almost ghostly feel, enhancing the track, and eliciting the sensation of watching the long-gone lives of strangers. Of the now and also of the past, VHS is a madeleine in musical form.

VHS is out now, with the track streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud, whilst the track will also feature on the duo’s debut studio release, a self-produced four track EP also entitled VHS​.

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