A wonderful slow burner, Solid Wood from German duo MOM has a sublime and captivating air to it, watch the SONDER directed video and  you’ll know what we mean.

The track flows like water; soft and gentle, while the emotions conveyed in the lyrics are given extra meaning by the heartfelt vocals will really wear down your defensive barrier. It’s probably best not to try to fight it, as the bubbling arrangement takes no prisoners on its quiet journey to your soul, exploding with joy as it does. This is a track that doesn’t need to throw its musical weight around to make its presence felt, instead relying on the vocals and the message to take you unawares.

MOM could have easily turned this into a crowd-pleasing anthem, but as a more personal and intimate song, it works perfectly. Speaking about the ideas and inspiration behind Solid Wood, the band had this to say: ‘It deals with and processes the interconnectedness of two beings, who give each other strength and recollection of inherent values through love and confidence.’

Solid Wood is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as all major digital services. You can click on the video link to find out more, or check out their socials including Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Shuto Crew