New Music: Monarchy – Hula Hoop 8000

Hula Hoop 8000 is proved to be yet another success for Monarchy, with the song hitting well over a million streams on Spotify alone. Band members Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black have team up with directorial/production maestros Virgili Jubero and Canada to create an elaborate and sumptuous video for the track.

The track nods towards slightly 90’s electro in tone and arrangement, but the dance vibes and arpeggios give the track is very modern feel – cool, slightly disconnected but very smooth, bolstered by the arch elegance of the synths and the sultry bassline. The vocals add a more timeless feel to the proceedings, making it sound like fresh and new but also having the air of an old friend renewing musical acquaintances.

Band member and producer Andrew Armstrong says; “The hula hoop theme reminds me of childhood and playgrounds, so when it explodes into the chorus I put in claps to represent kids playing skipping rope, while the synths have a crazy wobble about them, like a hula hoop careering down a hill.”

Video director Virgili Jubero adds; “Hula Hoop 8000 is a sexy, sophisticated and fun hip-swivelling song. Therefore, we imagined a videoclip that would mix fashion and a sense of humour, based on the aesthetic of photographers such as Guy Bourdin or Helmut Newton in the 90´s era of teleshopping. Altogether spin dried at maximum speed!”

Hula Hoop 8000 out now and you can find out more about downloading or streaming the video here. Be sure to check out the bands’ official website for details on the upcoming album and more.

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