New Music: Monumental Men – Enemy

Monumental Men are a Swiss electronica band, originally formed by producers Biru and Melvyn Buss. They’ve now teamed up with the singer of atmospheric folk band Patrick Bishop to beguile listeners with their new track called Enemy – check out the video below.

There’s a dark and brooding edge to Enemy, the drums creating a foreboding atmosphere from the off. However, that is lightened by Bishop’s vocals, which bring a sweet yet masculine softness to the song.

With a sprinkling of downtempo, some dark electronica leads, a gently persuasive rhythm that’s been filtered through their club music experince and a stark but effective monochrome video, it all adds up to make Enemy is a musical and visual treat.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, the band explain: “Frustration is a beautiful thing. We’d do everything to avoid it – and become better at what we do because of it. That’s the story of Enemy: gathering the strength to tackle our demons until the reason for our tears becomes a cause for a celebratory group-hug.”

Enemy is out now via Radicalis, and can be streamed on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes. The track is a taster for a EP due out in February 2018.

Photo by Ian GC.

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