New Music: Moonheart – Bridestep

  • New Music: Moonheart - Bridestep

Moonheart are an alternative electro-folk duo made up of singer/guitarist Kim Mayo and producer/keyboardist Michael Sachs, based in Brooklyn, New York. They say their music draws on a strong storytelling tradition but seeks to fuse that with a sensual and on occasions surreal sound, as you can hear on new track Bridestep.

There’s a quirky but engaging ambiance to Bridestep, attributable to the way Mayo uses her unique voice and rich vocal range not just as another instrument, but also to set the overall reflective mood. It flows and entwines naturally with the understated arrangement, which takes elements of folk and electronica to create a song that feels as much about stirring emotions and memories as it does creating a piece of audio art.

The duo had this to say about the song: ‘Bridestep is a years-delayed love letter of closure to someone who vocalist Kim Mayo ended a romantic relationship with without saying what she needed to at the time’.

The video reflects on Mayo contemplating where she made the right decision at the time, but on seeing how well her ex-partner is doing, feels that she had made the right decision.’

Bridestep is out now, streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as other digital outlets. The track will feature on the duo’s forthcoming album, Feel it Out.

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