Canada’s Morgan Doctor is a Juno and Dora nominated performer, known for her work with The Cliks, Ron Sexsmith, Feist, and others. Her solo career sees her explore more experimental sounds and structures, as you can hear on Strangers IV.

The track will feature on her upcoming Strangers LP (you can pre-order it here). It sees her collaborate with peers and friends to create a deeply textured and moving soundscape. With broad dreampop and post-rock tones providing the song’s building blocks, it layers on lush strings and haunting vocals with a sparing, solitary style. That sense of desolation is amplified by a glacial yet intense guitar melody, which is in turn entrancing and ethereal. This is a song possessed of a dark, profound beauty.

Morgan says about the song, “A few years back I did a daylong improv recording session with Laura Barrett (The Hidden Cameras) and Jose Contreras (By Divine Right). It was pure magic. We have a natural chemistry, the three of us, that is hard to find when playing with people. The material from the session was so great and I have been sitting on it for a long time trying to figure out what to do with it. I used my drums from that session and some ambient stuff and had Caylie Staples sing on it. She does improv vocal stuff, which is really cool.”

She goes on to say about the overarching theme of the album, “We begin all relationships as strangers, and despite forming intimate connections, we leave many feeling as though, once again, we don’t know one other. We can also form intimate connections with people we don’t know at all and might never see again. We all are strangers in this world, yet we have a deep capacity to connect.”

Strangers IV is out now, and the Strangers album will be released on the 16th of October via Toronto’s Aporia Records. You can discover more about Morgan Doctor via her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials.