New Music: Moscow Youth Cult – Hospice

  • New Music: Moscow Youth Cult - Hospice

Moscow Youth Cult (Jon Dix and Dan O’Donnell-Smith) are actually from London, but new track Hospice is sure to have a universal appeal due to its seamless ability to fuse anthemic rock with darker electronic tones.

It’s a song that would be equally at home in both indie and electro clubs, the plaintive vocals creating an instant connection with the listener, drawing them in to the track’s emotionally complex and heartfelt lyrical world.

The track opens as if it’s going to be a sombre rock bruiser, but the bewildering array of genres and tones shift like sand yet maintain a calm surface and a real sense of a natural, organic flow.

Like its accompanying video, Hospice takes the beautiful and the brutal to create something bewitchingly sad but serene as it tackles loss and the complex emotions and thoughts that come in its wake.

Hospice is out now, on Spotify, Bandcamp and all major digital platforms,  and will feature on the duo’s upcoming Brutalist album which will be released on September 28th via Hello Thor and I OWN YOU. You can find out more, including how to purchase the vinyl of the LP, here.

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