Toronto’s Most People have a wry and refined style, both visually and musically . one which has seen them change from a dreampop sound to a more textured, soulful outfit. Check out Need a Little More and discover their queer take on a cocktail soul sound.

It has to be said that Need a Little More is unashamedly retro in its influences – in fact it proudly wears them on its metaphorical sleeves. It’ll feature on their upcoming Call Me Up and is a sensual ride through sophisticated soul and RNB with an 80s twist. Think George Michael, George Benson or Al Jarreau allowing their jazzy juices to flow and their desires to flower and you get a flavour of what’s going on here. There’s a twist, which some might say is political but for me it’s proud and positive and certainly brings the old school soul and sax stylings right up to date.

Need a Little More is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Bandcamp. Head over to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter socials for information on the song, upcoming live dates and more.