New Music: MOTHERMARY – You Know How I Feel

MOTHERMARY grew up in a Mormon family of 11 in Montana. After leaving religion and being faced with an uncertain, but exciting new future, she eventually found herself starting fresh in Brooklyn, NY. She began writing and producing her own music out of her bedroom studio in Bushwick. Having recently been reunited with her twin sister, they are now performing live together. One of the fruits of that partnership is the single You Know How I Feel.

It’s a track that oozes ominous sensuality and class, combining dark wave and EBM stylings to make a sound that is fresh and alluringly aloof.

Elyse of MOTHERMARY directed the video and describes it thus: ‘Imagine you’re waiting for your lover in a dark pleasure hotel, but they never show up, so instead you dance with the devil. Set in a dated, neon-lit love hotel, the video for You Know How I Feel is a casting off of religious repression and a reclaiming of sexuality, coupled with the fear of rejection and unrequited love’.

You Know How I Feel is from the Not A Virgin EP which is out now and available for download via Bandcamp

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