New Music: Moullinex – Love Love Love

  • New Music: Moullinex - Love Love Love

Producer Moullinex is one of Portugal’s most exciting producers and has, over the past few years, featured everywhere from Mixmag and Vice to The Line of Best Fit and Red Bull’s Music sites. Love Love Love is his latest single he’s released a very special video for it, a video that not only goes with the single but represents a statement Luis (Moullinex) says he wants to make about dance music with his forthcoming album.

For the Love Love Love video the directors set up what the participants thought was just a casting call and had them talk about what dance is/means to them, does it have gender, can you dance on your own, is it a religious or spiritual experience, all sorts of questions and got them to talk about and interpret the music they were played. It has a great message about what dance music actually means.

It may sound a bit high concept but at the same time it’s also a cool, fun video.  The track itself is an infectious fun number, with a chilled dancefloor fell and a killer flute solo! You can check out some cool remixes of the track over on Spotify.

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