A few weeks ago we featured Crisis Point by Mr. Kitty in our Weekly Roundup and said at the time that if this track was anything to go by, the upcoming album A.I.  promised to be an instant favourite. After a few listens, it’s fair to say the album doesn’t disappoint. Read Mark’s review here.

Musically it feels a bit lighter in tone than previous releases, though the lyrics as ever stray off to the more introspective and reflective side of the emotional spectrum.

As ever, there’s hints to his 8-bit past on some of the tracks like Forget and Malformed, but a wider array on sounds and influences on A.I. than I’ve noticed before. On listening to Habits there are echoes of PSB at their pomp, and a darker take on trip-hop that the likes of Massive Attack could have thought possible on give/take. No Heart, Earthstones and Birds of Prey conjure up for me what I would probably describe as dark Italo; dance tracks for the wistful loner that lurks within us all.

For me, Crisis Point and Lamentation are the standout tracks, but only by a short head. They have the classic Mr. Kitty sound, but there’s a freshness and urgency to them that along with the Greater Than Us gives a real sense of musical progression on A.I.. There’s not a weak track on the album, in fact I’d go as far as to say that A.I. is the most mature and certainly the best thing Mr. Kitty has released so far. He’s  certainly stretched his musical boundaries on A.I. but the vision and sound remains his unique and wonderful own.