Introducing: Mutabase

  • Introducing: Mutabase

Originally from Spain but currently based in Manchester, Mutabase has electrified and sometimes shocked audiences with her politically charged, feminist approach to her art and live performances’ characterising her Mutabase project as being ‘a reflection on being an outsider who takes inspiration and consolation from galactic solitude, surrealism, Punk and Madonna’. Find out below what makes her tick.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s the story behind Mutabase and how would you describe your sound?

I am Mutabase, I am from Usera, a super cool district from Madrid. I kickbox, I am keen on exhibitionism and home-made food. Behind Mutabase, there is a whole prophecy. I am a DIY Rock Star. I never considered myself a singer and I believed I was a terrible one, and now it’s funny that they compare my vocals to Björk’s and Portishead’s singer. And then sometimes they say that I make my own guitar noises. Well, I actually make my own everything. I play all the instruments, record them, mix them, produce them, and singing happens to be a very recent event.

What motivates you and inspires your music, aesthetic and vibe?

I am not quite sure, I just play loud music in my bedroom and dance to it naked. What moves myself is discomfort. I’m only a rebel, I guess. My mother keeps asking me if I haven’t been arrested yet? That motivates me a lot.

On your social media you make references to ‘Punk and Madonna’. To some they seem opposites, to me very similar. What do they mean to you?

Madonna is excommunicated, her shows were considered to be a national threat in Russia, she’s made disco, new age and techno-trance. Even BDSM pornography, practically. And she’s called ‘The Queen of Pop’. If that is not being a punk, please someone explain to me what punk is.

Like so many of us here, you’re not a native of Manchester but moved here from somewhere else. What drew you to the city? Do you think the city has had an effect on your music?

I was offered a place in University to study Music Production in Brighton and Manchester. I chose Manchester because it was cheaper and because The Haçienda means Tax Office, did you know?

Friends have been blown away by your live performances. How important is the live experience to your project? Do you write material with live performances in mind?

I couldn’t imagine how fierce I’d feel on stage until I put my wrestling tights on and told the audience I was furious. It is now when I’ve started playing live as I’d never shown my music to a bigger audience before. I’ve done music for TV and video art collaborations, but the message wasn’t clear enough to be spread, I guess. I’ve been hiding in my bedroom, recording noise for more than 10 years. I never rehearsal, I do it as I perform.

What’s up next for Mutabase? Any upcoming gigs, new music on the horizon, other projects?

As a performer, all I want is adrenaline. I want to shock the world. we are still subordinated to Jim Crow’s law. Segregated, yet equals. I want to do my thing and do it topless if I feel like it, this not being an event. I have to distort the photos for social media. I feel mutilated every time I pixel, or photoshop my nipples. My debut album is gonna be released very soon and I want to do my job. So apart from my music and performances, what’s next for Mutabase is a revolution.

My next show is on the 14th of September at Dulcimer, in Chorlton. I have a few upcoming gigs in October. I regularly update my live dates on my website and Instagram @mutabase_ with many projects to come. A self-released album, a fanzine… I’m looking forward.

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