Who is the lead single from Austrian band My Ugly Clementine’s recently-released debut album Vitamin C. The Austrian quartet has set itself a high bar for the album, as you can tell when you watch the accompanying video for the song.

The tightness and energy of the track are perfectly complemented by the rich vocal performance and the heartfelt lyrics. It’s a love song of sorts, a love for humanity, based on a bedrock of indie and post-punk. There’s a real lightness of touch flowing through Who that lifts both the song and the listener, imparting a positive message in the current troubling times.

The band says the album circles around empowerment, love, self-love, and self-confidence. Who specifically handles the topic of the importance of being kind to one another in times of trouble, stress and an ever more complicated world: “I’ll help you out, I don’t care who you are,” the band adds.

My Ugly Clementine’s Who is out now, with the Vitamin C album out on the shelves on the 20th of March. Head over to the band’s Facebook and Instagram socials for details on upcoming live dates and the album release.

Photo by Hanna Fasching