An audio-visual, solo punk-infused electro project based in Dublin and Stockholm, N I T E F I S H has certainly made a strong and favourable impression with their debut single, Ibiza.

Opening with a suffocating, percussive blast and a vocal delivery that wouldn’t be amiss on a rock track, it’s a challenging, confrontational melange of sounds and styles. The track inhabits a similar conceptual space to acts like Death Grips and Liars, but at times the wall of exhilarating noise invites favourable comparisons with Merzbow. For all that though it’s still an accessible slice of experimental electronica, in no small part due to the edgy, but relatable vocals.

Ibiza by N I T E F I S H is out now. For details on streaming or downloading the song, as well as news on upcoming live dates including a gig at The Vintage Room in Dublin later this month, check out their official Instagram and Facebook socials.