Spanish electronic-synthwave quartet NAVVIER have taken an unusual concept for a song but created something to treasure, all to go along with the jaw-dropping video (which contains clips from Supermarkt) . Check out Antonomasia below.

Describing themselves as synthwave really undersells the track and the band. Antonomasia is no sterile retro exercise, rather it takes the building blocks of the genre and twists them in to a kind of dark, almost gothic sound. Not the genre, more the architecture. That comparison comes from the always brooding, occasionally soaring and at times overpowering sense of grandeur to the song.

It’s as if the song was constructed from stone, glass and the divine, or maybe even the human inspiration given the topic of the song. The band say the lyrics reflect on events in of ‘the love story of two OS incompatible robots’.

Antonomasia is out now – if you’re intrigued by what you heard and want to explore the dystopian world of NAVVIER, head over to Facebook and Instagram.