New Music: neena – The Game

Nina Karpinska is neena – an eighteen-year-old, singer and songwriter based in UK. She’s been releasing music since 2015, and has spent the last two years working on her new album. Her latest release The Game is a taster for what’s in store, and it promises to be very good on the basis of this track – watch the official video below.

The Game channels elements of post-punk electro and new wave synths, with neena’s vocals spitting out raw and political lyrics in a voice that is sometimes sweet and sometimes fierce. The track is sassy and political without being preachy, keeping its message as clear as the music is catchy.

As to the video for the track, neena says it ‘questions about the current choices we face every day. Residents of a town celebrate the 30th anniversary of the construction of the Great Wall that was created to protect them from the dangers outside. The game the characters could be playing may stand as mirror images of our contemporary selves.’

The Game is out now, check out the link for information on streaming and buying the track. It will also feature on her upcoming debut album Flipside

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