Nerina Pallot will soon be entering her third decade of making music, as and has you can hear on Oh Berlin, she has not lost her knack for creating epic songs.

Rich piano tones initially set the scene, before Pallot herself takes centre stage and proceeds to serve up an intoxicating vocal performance. As warm as the strings, and as powerful as the percussion, her fluid yet ever-changing delivery threads together the song like fine silk, beguiling the listener for every second of the track.

Nerina says of the piece, “There is nothing like a bitterly cold, rainy day in Berlin to make you ponder the meaning of your life, especially if this existential moment is taking place on stage in the middle of a gig in the German capital, wishing you had written more bangers and had a show with dancers and roller skates and at least three costume changes. And why did the Gods of Song forget you when bops were being handed out and gave you melancholy instead? Still, what’s that Oscar Wilde saying – ‘be yourself, everybody else is already taken’? It can take us a while to figure that out for ourselves, and some of us don’t need to go to Berlin to do it, but I did and Oh Berlin is the result.”

Head over to her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts where you can find details on how to listen to Oh Berlin, as well as upcoming live dates, including a tour in March 2021.