Neuland is a duo with a long and distinguished musical history, with both Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger having been members of the legendary Tangerine Dream over the years. Their friendship and collaborations have spanned over three decades, culminating in the release of The Lost Cord.

Though you pick up hints of Tangerine Dream in the electro-psychedelic musings of the melody, the track takes a very different route to get under the listener’s skin. It has more organic and ambient tones for a start, allied with a sparse yet engaging arrangement and a real sense of unbridled experimentalism. Warm guitar tones encourage you to still sit and explore the music and the absences within it, as if facilitating a journey in your mind’s eye.

Featuring on the new album which is due out late November, The Lost Cord is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major digital platforms. Be sure to follow the duo on Facebook or Instagram for news on the upcoming album, live dates and more.