New Music: Neurotic Fiction – Collateral

  • New Music: Neurotic Fiction - Collateral

Some of us (me) never quite left the 80s behind, but still look forward hearing new sounds and new ways of interpreting long-standing genres. Collateral by West Country quartet Neurotic Fiction certainly hits the spot as far as those criteria are concerned!

A very appetising taster indeed for the band’s upcoming Pulp Music album which is out on 16th November via Bristol’s  Specialist Subject Records, it invites favourable comparison with that city’s legendary Subway label.

Brash and bright, the jerky, angular and angry nature of the song doesn’t distract from the real feeling of power and purpose that barrels it along, taking some of the melodic flow of the C86 movement and giving it an even more fiery, punky sense of momentum.

Think Shop Assistants jamming with Ruiners and you’ve got an idea of the mix of passion and melodic refusal to kowtow to commerciality that is on display.

Guitarist Livi Sinclair had this to say about the song and upcoming album: “A lot of these songs are written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t want to make any impact at all on their environment in case it’s perceived as negative. And how that’s kind of a ridiculous way of feeling but also how you can kind of indulge in it.”

She adds; “Pulp Music is the result of trying not to take life too seriously and owning the missteps we might make along the way. “It’s about trying to overcome fear of doing something because of the perceived, unwanted side-effect. It’s about not being afraid to take risks and to learn from mistakes rather than being worried about fucking up.”

Pulp Music is available for pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp including a limited-edition vinyl release. The track is also available on Spotify.

Photo by Luke Penny

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