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The New Music section of the blog is dedicated to bringing you fresh new sounds and videos from a wide range of musical genres. Expect to hear bright, thoughtful tunes that are sometimes poppy and sometimes challenging, but always vital and lively as we share songs we love, with you.

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New Music: Michelle Ray – Chasing Shadows

A Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and previous contestant on The Voice, Michelle Ray says she started her musical training at the age of ten. That might explain the poise and power of Chasing Shadows, which you can check out below.

By |September 12th, 2020|

New Music: Luna Shadows – The Nineties

Los Angeles based Luna Shadows had a hand in the production of two great albums – Recover by The Naked and Famous and Turbulence by Ella Vos. It’s no surprise then that she has a strong musical vision of her own, as you can hear on The Nineties.

By |September 12th, 2020|

New Music: Darkroom Data – Hydrogen

Darkroom Data is Irish vocalist Gillian NoVa and Brazilian composer Márcio Paz. The duo has been writing and recording together for two years, making indie electro with a lo-fi aesthetic. If you are curious to know what that sounds like, have a listen to Hydrogen.

By |September 12th, 2020|

New Music: Hansom Ēli- Flow of the River

Sibling duo Hansom Ēli is composed of Camille and Alexy Guérer. The Montreal based group have only been making music together since 2018 and released their first EP in 2019. Still, their sound is incredibly enjoyable and assured, as you can hear on Flow of the River.

By |September 11th, 2020|

New Music: The Agency… – Defender

With their forthcoming album In the Haunted Woods due out on the 23rd of October, British indie rockers The Agency… have given us a flavour of what’s to come with the new single Defender. You can check it out below on Soundcloud.

By |September 11th, 2020|

New Music: Soot Sprite – It’s Summer and I Don’t Feel Like Smiling.

Hailing from Exeter in the UK, sad gaze trio Soot Sprite have released an engaging, understated bedroom anthem for 2020 in new song It’s Summer and I Don’t Feel Like Smiling. Listen to the track and it just might bring a knowing smile to your face. It did to mine.

By |September 11th, 2020|

New Music: The Day – We Killed Our Hearts

Earlier this year, we covered Jij Wint and Tenderfoot by The Day: Laura Loeters from Utrecht and Hamburg-based Gregor Sonnenberg. They return with the beautiful We Killed Our Hearts, and you can watch a video for the song below.

By |September 10th, 2020|

New Music: ViVii – Summer of 99

It’s lucky number seven for Swedish trio ViVii, as that’s how often we’ve featured them. This time courtesy of the summertime shoegaze-infused Summer of 99. The song will feature on their sophomore album.

By |September 10th, 2020|
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